Shaping the future generations of Malaysia through a trifold approach

Investing in the future
of the nation

Yayasan TM (YTM) is proud to be a catalyst towards future-building for deserving Malaysian students. By pairing education and career development under the same umbrella, we equip individuals with the necessary knowledge and skills to thrive in a constantly changing environment. As a trusted partner that has been pivotal in our nation building, YTM remains committed to developing the leaders of tomorrow that drive our digital economy and Industrial Revolution 4.0.
What we do
  • Young Leaders Scholarship
  • Future Leaders Scholarship
Structured Development Programmes
  • TM Future Skills
  • YTM School Adoption
  • YTM Future Environmental Leaders
  • YTM Reaching Out Programme
  • YTM TVET Programme

What we've achieved

16,000+ students received scholarships/financial assistance in total
RM583 million funds raised since 1994
80% awarded to B40 students
2,000+ Warga TM benefited from TM Edu-Assist Programme since 1989
1,800+ GIATMARA graduates and alumni participated in the YTM TVET Programme since 2019
12,300+ teachers and students benefited from the STEM & IR4.0 based programme since 2016
2,300+ participated in the Future Environmental Leaders Series since 2018
13,700+ benefited from the YTM Reaching Out Programme (motivational talks) since 2016
25,000+ benefited from 15 schools being adopted (including 1 Special Education Need school) since 2003

Empowering our
community to prosper

We’re a firm believer in the power of people. TM’s services are enjoyed by individuals of all walks of life: from the stressed-out businessman trying to make it to the rural farmers on the outskirts of this nation. We consider it our responsibility to leave a positive impact on each and every one of them. In the end, we want everyone to play a role in carving out a Digital Malaysia.
What we do
Initiatives and programmes
  • Community and welfare development
  • Sustainable livelihood promotion
  • Humanitarian aid
  • Entrepreneurial programmes

What we've achieved

disbursed in total
Families helped
SMEs supported

Our impact

RM5.5 million value from the CERDIK Initiative
RM50,000+ worth of refurbished devices for #MYBAIKHATI Initiative
RM1.5 million directed towards digital learning through 6,000 SIM cards
400 PPVs, CACs & PKRCs digitally connected
1,000 receive free internet connectivity
Free 1GB daily for all active customers
RM180 annual mobile data rate for B40

RM6.8 million contributed towards covid-19 National Funds and NGOs
RM2.5 million medical & non-medical items collected
RM3 million flood & non-flood related funds raised
RM270,000 worth of psychosocial covid-19 support
RM70,000 worth of health screening devices

144 volunteers for the National Covid-19 immunisation Programme & Greater Klang Valley Taskforce
3 TM facilities as PPVs

Celebrating the spirit
of Malaysia

Here at YTM, we believe the culture of Malaysia should not only be appreciated today but preserved for all our tomorrows to come as well. This means giving a digital skew to its accessibility to future-proof it. It ultimately creates a noticeable social impact. We are always in the ongoing process of building a stronger arts & culture community to promote our national heritage for one and all. After all, it is something to be proud of!
What we do
Preservation of our telecommunications legacy
  • Muzium Telekom
  • Telegraph Museum
Promotion of our national heritage
  • Built a stronger arts & culture community
Support of a Digital Malaysia
  • Create a digital experience for tourism

What we've achieved

RM30 million+ invested in 2 heritage buildings as museums since 1994
1,100+ artefacts preserved
250,000+ visitors
RM830,000+ contributed to support local artists since 2015
14,000+ students participated in Gutta Percha awareness since 2019
600+ students participated in Tulisan Jawi campaign since 2020
3,000+ visitors during KLWKND 2021