18 Jun 2024



KUALA LUMPUR, 18 June 2024 – TM achieves TM Forum Open API Diamond Conformance Certification with 60 certified APIs, surpassing industry giants. This milestone underscores the company's commitment to industry standards and innovation.

TM Forum Open API enables seamless connectivity, interoperability and portability across complex ecosystem services. This “API-first” approach fosters collaboration and simplifies integration for developers. With over 770,000 downloads by over 2,700 companies worldwide, TM Forum’s Open APIs are a game changer for the industry. By achieving this certification, TM actively contributes to this global shift.

While at the TM Forum: Ignite conference in Copenhagen, Ivan Chong, TM’s Chief Information Officer (CIO) commented, “This certification aligns with our aspiration of becoming a Digital Powerhouse by 2030. We have established a reusable API framework, streamlined high-volume custom APIs and consolidated siloed API gateways into a single cohesive gateway, strengthening our platform play approach. This boosted our system response time by 34%, exemplifying a truly ‘plug and play’ technology capability.”

“The standardised Open APIs, tested in real-world deployment, enable faster time to market with 100% reusable and secure APIs from a curated catalogue. For example, by exposing API capabilities such as Digital Solutions to third-party partners, we can accelerate the development of new products and services for Smart Cities, Smart Education and Smart Healthcare. This fosters the creation of more innovative solutions and new revenue streams while adhering to global industry standards,” added Ivan.

TM's certification journey started with a Bronze in September 2023 with three APIs and quickly progressed to Diamond with 54 certified APIs in just seven months. Now at 60 certified APIs, TM demonstrates its dedication to agility, innovation, and collaboration.

By joining 11 of the world's largest service providers including Vodafone, China Mobile and Telefónica, who have adopted TM Forum's suite of Open APIs for digital service management, TM solidifies its global recognition among industry leaders.


04 Mar 2021
TM One Unveils new brand strategy and enhanced website to take Malaysian businesses and public sector forward

The new tagline “Taking Transformation Forward”, coupled with the redesigned website reaffirms TM One’s commitment as a key digital transformation enabler for Malaysia’s enterprise and public sector. ​TM One, the enterprise and public sector business solutions arm of Telekom Malaysia Berhad (TM), enters into the year 2021 with a major stride when it introduced a new brand theme – "Taking Transformation Forward". The tagline portrays the business unit's strong commitment as the key digital transformation enabler for Malaysia's enterprise and public sector. In tandem with the new tagline, TM One also unveiled a redesigned and revamped website to reflect its upgraded features and capabilities. Ahmad Taufek Omar, Executive Vice President and Chief Executive Officer of TM One, enthused: "We are very excited with the new tagline as it further defines our role of taking the digital transformation of our customers across various verticals forward with our comprehensive suite of state-of-the-art and innovative digital solutions. To complement it, we gave our website a significant facelift with intuitive navigation and a plethora of content; tailored for different industries. It represents the immense growth opportunities that Malaysian businesses and public sectors can gain, leveraging on the digital offerings that we offer, ranging from Cloud, Smart Services, Cybersecurity, Internet of Things (IoT), mobility, data analytics, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and many more." The new website has an enhanced interface with a clean and modern design, delivering seamless personalised content including comprehensive access to all TM One's digital offerings in an immersive form. Among the key highlights of the redesigned website is the interactive Virtual Reality (VR) content. Other advanced features include the 360o web VR, which allows customers to experience a virtual visit to the Klang Valley Data Centre (KVDC), and the upcoming TM One Experience Centre. The website also includes an in-depth overview of TM One Cloud α (Cloud Alpha), as well as insights into TM One's cloud migration and smart solution experience. In addition, the cybersecurity virtual experience demonstrates an oculus quest of several cybersecurity scenarios in an Integrated Operations Centre (IOC). "Visitors will also be able to enjoy personalisation features, providing them with unique content relevant to their business and industry. This will guide them towards the most apt product offerings, and solution recommendations, creating a smoother browsing experience for anyone visiting our website. The website will be the content hub and reference source for our customers in their journey towards taking transformation forward. This perfectly fits our role as part of TM Group as the enabler of Digital Malaysia," Ahmad Taufek added. To know more about Taking Transformation Forward and to experience TM One's redesigned website, visit www.tmone.com.my or scan the below QR code:  

20 Jul 2022
TM Wholesale and radian arc collaborate to expand cloud gaming offerings to the ASEAN market

Collaboration signifies TM’s commitment to expand cloud gaming in the ASEAN region, leveraging Radian Arc’s Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) Edge Point of Presence TM Wholesale, the domestic and international wholesale business arm of Telekom Malaysia Berhad (TM), today announced a partnership with cloud infrastructure provider Radian Arc to expand its cloud gaming offerings in Malaysia and other ASEAN countries. The collaboration will see both parties leveraging each other's strengths to provide users with high-quality content and cloud-gaming experiences.   Through this partnership, both companies will collaborate to deploy a new point of presence (PoP) in Malaysia, utilising Radian Arc's proprietary GPU Edge technology. This PoP will enhance TM Wholesale's cloud-based gaming solutions as well as other real-time applications that use similar technology.   The availability of this robust platform ensures that these central processing units (CPUs) can provide relevant applications at a lower cost to serve. Following the rollout of the cloud gaming platform, TM Wholesale and Radian Arc intend to make an array of cloud-based applications, such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), Blockchain, and the Internet of Things (IOT) accessible to users in order to accelerate digital transformation and adoption, which is pivotal to Malaysia's digital aspirations. Radian Arc is also partnering with cloud gaming platform Blacknut to bring their games catalogue to the region, reinforcing TM Wholesale's vision of providing better cloud gaming solutions. Through this partnership, TM Wholesale will be able to offer over 500 family-friendly premium games to service providers, with lower latency and faster start times for their customers. Commenting on the collaboration, Amar Huzaimi Md Deris, Executive Vice President of TM Wholesale said, "TM Wholesale has always been committed to promoting Malaysia's transition to an advanced digital economy, and given the meteoric rise of cloud gaming, we've shifted gears to put this into a higher drive. "Our collaboration with Radian Arc is among our efforts to fulfil the demands of the gaming industry, while exploring opportunities in other emerging technologies such as cloud and edge computing, and ensure customers enjoy high-quality digital experiences. "This is in line with our aspiration to position Malaysia as a regional digital hub and expand our reach via edge computing platforms to provide better user experience for next-generation applications and games," he added. "As we continue to expand access to cloud gaming around the world, we want to find partners who can elevate our service offerings to telcos and improve the gaming experiences we provide to players," said David Cook, CEO of Radian Arc. "The collaboration will also look into possibilities for future applications leveraging TM's extensive network coverage, allowing us and Blacknut to improve the quality of cloud gaming for customers in Malaysia and the surrounding regions." The collaboration with Radian Arc symbolizes a new era of gaming for TM, harnessing the benefits of GPU Edge technology to deliver high-quality digital experiences to end users.

28 Mar 2022
TM One Smart City Summit 2022: accelerating the transformation of townships into smart cities through partnership with local authorities

Themed ‘Solutions Built for Citizens’, TM ONE City LEAP Summit is TM’s initiative to support the Ministry of Housing and Local Government's (KPKT) aspirations in strengthening the ‘Liveable Malaysia’ agenda ​TM ONE, the enterprise and public sector business solutions arm of Telekom Malaysia Berhad (TM) recently hosted the City LEAP Summit 2022, with the aim of boosting smart city execution by local city and municipal councils (PBT). The two-day event, held in Genting Highlands, was the second time the summit was organised, and was attended by a total of 60 participants from 26 PBTs nationwide. Held under the theme of ‘Solutions Built for Citizens’, the summit, which focuses on sustainability and improving the quality of life for citizens, constitutes one of TM ONE’s initiatives to take Malaysia’s Smart City transformation forward by supporting the Ministry of Housing and Local Government's (KPKT) aspirations for a “Liveable Malaysia”. Lined up were curated programmes, aimed at empowering collaboration amongst local authorities to adopt new global trends and accelerate the implementation of smart cities in their respective localities. This event builds on the first City LEAP Summit in 2020, held in Langkawi, prior to the COVID-19 Movement Control Order (MCO). The inaugural event, among others, featured demonstrations of 11 Smart Services use cases on the island managed live from the Integrated Operations Centre (IOC). The 2022 summit was attended by Kamaruzaman Umar, Deputy Secretary General of KPKT who represented YB Dato' Sri Reezal Merican Naina Merican, the Minister of Housing and Local Government, together with several key representatives from the ministry and government bodies including the State Secretary’s Offices (SUK) and State Economic Planning Units (UPEN) from various states. This year's City LEAP Summit provided insights into best practices as well as use cases of effective planning and execution of a smart city with talks by Bapak Setiaji, Chief of Digital Transformation Office, Ministry of Health, Republic of Indonesia who previously was the Head of Jakarta Smart City; and multi-award winning Smart Cities and IoT industry expert, Dr. Mazlan Abbas, who is also co-founder and CEO of FAVORIOT Sdn. Bhd. In addition, the event featured two comprehensive knowledge sharing sessions by Md Farabi Yussoff Md Yussoff, Head of Smart City Unit from PLANMalaysia (Federal Department of Town and Country Planning), and Mohamad Rejab Sulaiman, Vice President, Product & Innovation of TM ONE. They shared their expertise in the smart city standard benchmarks, integrated digital solutions and end-to-end technology for smart cities. In welcoming the delegates, Ir. Ts. Azizi A. Hadi, Chief Operating Officer of TM, said: “The development of a planned, integrated and holistic smart city is both timely and important. It helps to ensure that Malaysia is always in line with the current global urban development. Urban development extends beyond just making the city smarter; we must also ensure that the city leverages technology innovatively and creatively to provide a more liveable Malaysia.” He reiterated that with existing assets of the TM Group, including the widest broadband network infrastructure, submarine cables, telecommunication towers, cloud computing, data centres and cybersecurity, TM One is primed to provide world-class services and more effective solutions to local authorities. Besides that, with its services and solutions aligned with the objectives of the Malaysia Smart City Framework (MSCF), TM One is well positioned to assist PBTs in achieving most of the Smart City standard indicators (ISO 37122:2019). In his opening speech, Kamaruzaman said: “The success of a smart city lies in its implementation and requires coordinated efforts across three layers within the government; namely federal, state and local governments. Nevertheless, the participation of the private sector and industry players are equally important in the smart city ecosystem.” He also highlighted that public-private partnership is one of the most effective platforms to advance smart city implementation, and closer collaboration is needed between all relevant parties to accelerate smart city development in the country. Commenting on the summit, Shazurawati Abd Karim, Executive Vice President of TM One said: “Through this event, we aspire to produce a clear human-centred technology Smart City action plan that can be implemented and driven together between PBTs and TM One this year and beyond. We are passionate and ready to co-create a more comprehensive suite of smart city solutions, providing the best services to the people, supporting the business community while achieving environmental sustainability.” Other highlights of the City LEAP Summit 2022 include: TM One Smart City Solutions showcase throughout the summit including Smart Parking (SPARKS), Smart Street Light System (SLIMS), Smart Surveillance, Smart Water Management, Smart City Dashboard, Fleet Management System (FMS), and many more. The delegates also experienced these end-to-end smart city management and professional services through a mobile app, created specifically for this year’s programme. The Smart City Clinic, where subject matter experts and technologists from TM One had one-to-one sessions with the local authorities to delve into digital transformation action plans and solutions best suited to the needs of their city and community. During the opening ceremony, Kamaruzaman and all delegates also witnessed the signing ceremony of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between Majlis Bandaraya Ipoh (MBI) and TM One for three services - Smart Traffic Analytics & Recognition System (STARS), Mobile Field Workforce (FORCE) and Business Process Outsourcing (BPO). In addition to executing the solutions, TM One will also provide professional and managed services to reduce the challenges encountered by MBI. For more details on TM One’s Smart City solutions, visit https://www.tmone.com.my/solutions/smart-services/smart-city/


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